About me

I am here before you because of God’s blessing. The truth is I am being led through the Holy Spirit, The Holy mother and Jesus Christ my lord. I have released 19 audio releases in Malayalam, Tamil & English together. With the help of God I was able to compose the music and lyrics. The tone from my heart is converted as music. Through praying rosary, it is God’s pity on me that is converted into music. It is the power of Holy Spirit from which music is exposed. About 200 songs have been released so far, still more is to be released. I have written three books – GOD SOURCE OF WISDOM (ENGLISH), VELICHAM VEESHUNNA DAIVAM (MALAYALAM), NJANATHINTE URAVIDAM DAIVAM (MALAYALAM). Many have been able to know the power and wisdom of God through these music & books. Many have been a part of Mary Matha Prayer Centre and still the same is happening. Many have been released from the bondage of evil through me using as a tool by Christ through his Holy Spirit. I am totally a dependent on God. I have not acted on the opinion of anyone. In old times as Christ guided his disciples I was also guided by him and had travelled 72 times abroad. I have met many personalities and had prayed for them, was able to solve their problems through the Holy Spirit. Once, a person from Singapore shared me an incidence of her life. She was suffering with pain in totality and as a sequence she came to hear Audio CD – POWER OF JESUS, some miracle happened and she was totally freed from pain. As a response to this she had bought 10 copies of this CD and has shared the copies with others. The reason is that I am a person who even doesn’t know to be good in my own language, then how will I do a project in English music? For sure everyone who knows me has the knowledge that all this is happening only due to complete interference of the Holy Spirit because I am just a fourth standard in my education and have not researched in music.

Almost all singers in Malayalam music industry had sung in my audio releases. You will come to know this as you go through this website. Actually what is happening is, all wants to be a hero from doing this and that. But what I wish is to do something together with Lord to please for his pity. This will help us to not lose peace, happiness and kindness. I was able to meet the hero personalities that society praises, but the mighty Lord is the only hero before me. If we are able to stand together with the eternal love of God, you too will be able to love all as God loves you. I have not informed the Self boosting personalities what god is doing through me. The personalities, who god blesses is only the witness for that. I hope the songs attached in this website will be useful for everyone in the world.

Everyone who is born in this world has knowledge and wisdom but to make it useful you should seek help from Lord. This is what my life taught. Viewers will be able to hear my music in Malayalam, Tamil & English. Let Jesus Christ spread his blessings in you.