How do others see me? How should they see me? What will others think of me? All these kinds of thoughts never come into my mind. I believe in the constancy of wisdom, never ending love of God and am empowered by the Holy rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Many things which I see with my eyes can vanish, but God is infinite and always there. I firmly believe that with the help of my Lord Jesus Christ, with faith in the Holy Catholic Church I can love all humanity and do well for them. Those who come to see me personally and those whom I go and meet are never strangers to me. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, Lord Jesus uses me to relieve pain, heal the sick and help others to solve their various problems. I have not enquired of them even once which religion they belonged to, or which sect they belonged to. This has given me more peace of mind and happiness.
In 1998, when I was in Saudi Arabia Lord Jesus revealed to me that wherever He sent me in this world to spread the word of God , I should not ask the people which religion they belonged to. Lord Jesus revealed to me that He had created mankind only as a man and woman. According to this principle without any groupism, with the power of the Holy Spirit I am spreading the word of God. Through Jesus freed many people from the bondage of Satan. God healed many people around the world using me as a tool to enlighten them by the word of God. Let not the human weakness or any evangelical worker is attributed to God.