No one in this world is strange; #respect should be weighed equally for all. We should treat each and everyone with due #love and care. Why should we make the difference as a man and woman? If you give more consideration that we are the pity creations of God, I can say that no illegal things may happen as what is happening. Humanity is valuable. A good vision is something that is needful and a blessing. We should have the ability to accept and find happiness in the well being of others. Religion or faith must not be a limitation to do good for others. We should be the jewels to bless the future generation to dream for better goodness. “I don’t have a rebirth; let me make this birth a heaven”. This is possible both for you and me. The wrong vision is hidden in me itself. This typical mentality in me is what that makes me destroy others. This attitude should not be encouraged. Give the respect and honour for all. Don’t let lose the valuable love and don’t let lose the vision for peace. Let we all be a role model for all.